Haworth Castings Launches New Solution Centre

Solution Centre

If there is one thing we believe truly sets us apart from our competitors, it is our technical expertise and ability to solve challenging technical sand casting and gravity-die casting issues.

As our managing director, Andrew Haworth, is fond of saying, "At Haworth Castings there is nothing we love more than a problem to solve." It is true, where we excel and add real value, is in being given a casting challenge and working as a team to produce a robust, cost-effective solution.

In July, to demonstrate this commitment we launched our Solution Centre initiative. In a nutshell Haworth Castings are offering to make free of charge any aluminium sand or gravity-die casting that a new or existing customer is struggling to source from their existing supplier. As part of the promotion, we will collect the tool and deliver back a sample, all without charge.

For over 60 years Haworth Castings has been solving challenging technical sand casting and gravity-die casting issues for our customers. We have invested in the latest tools and equipment and believe passionately that we have the necessary skills, expertise and knowledge to delivery your casting project.

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