Haworth castings asks..."Is this the ultimate boy's toy?"

VSS Enterprise

The second prototype of the world's first commercial spaceship, Virgin Galactic's VSS Enterprise, has recently performed its first manned flight.  During the six-hour 12-minute flight, the spaceship remained attached to VMS Eve and numerous combined vehicle systems tests were conducted.

The two crew members on board VSS Enterprise also evaluated the spaceship's systems and functions from end to end in the air. The flight marks a step forward towards the first solo flights of VSS Enterprise.  The reality of 'space tourism' is getting ever closer but with a ticket price of 200,000 dollars each there'll be plenty of us still heading off to the Mediterranean for years to come!

Haworth Castings work closely with clients in a number of sectors including defence, oil and gas, marine, aerospace and automotive.  In this month's sector spotlight we turn our attention to aerospace, a sector that Haworth castings have been serving for over 40 years.  As well as working on flight components, Haworth's remit also encompass all aspects of aerospace castings that include ground requirements, such as alignment fixtures, ground refuelling and metering. Our expertise in this industry has lead us to manufacture castings that exceed BASEFFA standards.