Autumn Business Update

Andrew Haworth

We have progressed well over the last 6 months with various areas of improvement. Specifically we have continued to invest in our facilities and expanded our management team so as to continue to improve our service to our customers.

With regard to foundry investment, we have purchased a new Shot Blaster which has enabled the process to be more user friendly and will save time in the long run, which is our aim. A new sand transfer system has been introduced; this will be more robust and will give us more consistency as we move forward.

The other major investment we are about to conclude is our machine shop premises. We are about to sign a lease for a new building that the machine shop will operate from. The premises are 75% larger, and will enable us to operate a modern state of the art machining capability with plenty of room for expansion. The machine shop will be moving into its new premises in 4 - 5 months.

I mentioned earlier that we have enhanced our management team with the appointment of James Edwards as Operations Manager. James comes from a machining background which will stand him in good stead at Haworth Castings and will help us to continue to strive to deliver the service to our customers that they deserve.

The position of Operations Manager was made available after Chris Kavanagh, who had done a fine job in that position, moved into a Quality Manager role.  Details of Chris's important new role can be read in a previous blog the link for which can be found here. Both these changes will enhance our team in each area.

We are continuing along our road of improvement to help us become more effective and efficient which will benefit our customers in the long run.

Andrew Haworth

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