Safety Critical Aluminium Castings

One of our main sectors of expertise, Haworth Castings has worked with safety critical aluminium sand and gravity-die castings for over 30 years.

As you would expect in this industry, aluminium casting integrity is everything and Haworth Castings reputation for quality and technical expertise means you can rest assured your project will be delivered to your exact specification. Often safety critical aluminium castings require significant feature validation. Our certificate of conformities can also carry full CMM reporting as required.

Testing and inspection

From chemical and mechanical analysis of material to final pressure testing coupled with our high standards and attention to detail means you product always exceeds specifications. With the capabilities to x-ray, crack detect, ultrasonic test, our clients can be satisfied that our safety critical aluminium castings are tested to UKAS accredited standards.

Our in-house machining capacity allows us to offer a fully machined component with accuracies down to +/- 5 microns whilst our post processing allows us to fully finish the product. 

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