Energy Industry Aluminium Castings

Haworth Castings has worked within the energy sector for over 20 years, with both large and small companies delivering their exacting requirements.

Energy aluminium castings range between 400kg to 0.5 kg, demonstrating the flexibility of the foundry. Our aluminium castings pass the highest scrutiny and we test to international and customers’ standards. Our accuracy and surface finish on sand and gravity die-casting is very high due to the sand management, thermal reclaim, non-attrition systems and quality of tooling we commission.

UKAS accredited standards

With the capabilities to x-ray, crack detect, ultrasonic test and undertake chemical and mechanical analysis, our clients can be satisfied that our castings are tested to UKAS accredited standards. Our machining capabilities allow us to finish your castings to exacting standards with post processes as appropriate. 

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