Core Making for Aluminium Sand Castings

Cores are used in our foundry casting process to create cavities as well as internal and external features which cannot be generated by our patterns. These cores are made from sand and, at Haworth Castings, we use three main techniques:

Shell core making

The benefits of shell cores include strength, high dimensional accuracy, excellent surface texture (100 AFS sand), and ease of removal in complicated core assemblies. The surplus sand is also easier to remove, through heat treatment and other knockout processes, so that it can be recycled.

The cold box process

The main advantage of this technique is that no heating is required and the sand is evenly distributed into the core box, allowing it to fill hard-to-reach corners and cavities. Blown cold box allows for a volume of production cores as well as enabling us to go to a core weight of 60kg.

Manually hand-rammed core making

This is by far the quickest way to produce cores of different shapes and sizes but it is not suitable for highly complex core shapes. Manually rammed cores allow for versatility and diversity. These cores can be much larger than 60 kg if necessary.

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